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Software installation guide

Step by step installation instructions.

  Install on your PC or Local Area Network Clound application hosting *
1. Database installation.
The default used database is the open source Firebird database which you may download from Firebird web page.

For using applications with the MSSQL server please contact us for the installation.
2. Application installation.
Run the related Setup application which you want to download for installation.
3. Windows and Application notes.
Make sure you are logged into your Windows 7/8 machine with an administrator account. Then follow these directions:

Go to Start | Run… Type regedit…

Open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch.

Open the SOFTWARE branch.

Windows 7 : Right-Click on the entry labeled “Borland”.

Windows 8 : Open the Wow6432Node branch and Right-Click on the entry labeled “Borland”

In the menu that shows select Permissions. The following dialog will appear:

Click “Users”. (Users (MachineName\Users) )

Under “Permissions for Users “, select “Allow” for Full Control. Then click OK.

Click OK to exit the Registry Key Permissions dialog box.

Exit the Registry Editor window



* Η υπηρεσία Clound application hosting παρέχεται για συγκεκριμένες εφαρμογές.